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1947 Baines "Whirlwind"


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Old School Bicycles

Baines Bicycles were produced in Bradford by the Baines brothers.  They were in production beginning in the 1930's and continued until the business closed in 1954.   The "Flying Gate" was their most famous model and is one of the most distinctive and unusual framed bikes from the period.  It was designed to allow for an ultra-short wheelbase.  The term "Flying Gate" is actually a nickname for the bikes which were actually the "Whirlwind" model name.  They are very sought after and rare.  The Baines brothers also made a conventional diamond frame cycle that is rarer than the Flying Gate.  The Baines brothers built their machines with Chater lugs that were nicely hand cut.  The Baines name has been revived and are currently produced by Trevor Jarvis Cycles.